Saturday, January 10, 2009

Uganda trip & silent auction


Gearing up now for our Uganda trip with ten vet students from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

They are holding a silent auction throughout the college in 2 weeks time, so here are three items that will be entered. One is a tray that I made from several different hard woods. Then there are two photos that generous business people in Saskatoon have agreed to mount in large format for the events.
The first one is of vulturine guinea fowl and was taken in Samburu Park in Kenya’s northeast. Brad Hoffman of Early Mailing and Printing is enlarging a high-resolution version of this one for us. Brad has supported the program for a long time, by producing calendars for us at cost. They have all been calendars depicting birds of Africa, photos that I have taken over the years. Some of these can be seen on my web site. I have shown Trudy Janssens of Photography one-2-one four photos, and I am not sure which one she will choose to run. These are a speckled mouse bird one of two alternatives of Klaas's cuckoo, and one taken at the oasis at Sussusvlei in Namibia where we saw two pied crows and I managed to catch them in what I have labeled yin and yang crows

All the proceeds go to two small schools in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park that we have been supporting in a variety of way for several years. The last six chapters of The Trouble With Lions cover many of our activities in that country, and you can also get some different perspectives by having a look at the student blogs from 2007 & 2008.

If you want to bid on any of the items you can do so by emailing me at but you had better do so soon. If you want a particular photo either one of these, or one from the small gallery that you find on the web, let me know and we can get it printed up, but I will have to get cost estimates, including shipping, to you before we close a deal. All profits will go to the schools.

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