Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Storytelling in London

Fun storytelling at London’s Royal Veterinary College last evening, but of course up against a much larger & more important world figure with Kenya connections. Despite that, about 40 students from the college turned out and we shared some fun, some serious conservation issues and then some pizza.

My theme was the use of the book title The Trouble With Lions as a symbol of wildlife in general. I was able to add one more symbolic to my collection when I was in Bali, which is far from any known lion range. These two statues are placed right at the gates of our hotel there, and the intriguing thing is their sarongs. These are not covers to protect drying cement, as I had at first thought, but are serious spiritual garments. Statues all over the island are similarly dressed and the black and white cheques are designed to keep the bad spirits out, and the good spirits in.

Apart from the students there were friends and family there as well. Then a few of went out for a pint and a pub supper. We did not find a Red Lion, but went instead to The Prince Albert on Royal College Street. This name will resonate with Saskatchewan readers as this is also the name of an important city in my home province. I had bangers and mash. Very English, pretty good. Filling.

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