Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nanyuki Sports Club

Back at the Nanyuki Sports Club, with which we have a long history. My mother managed the place in the mid-forties when the men were away at war. Jo & I held our wedding reception here, and we have been members for a long time, although only absentee members for the last 34 years!

This picture shows some of the wedding crowd, but the interesting thing is the building in the background (1969). It is the banda in which we are staying, and it was also there in 1944 when an artist painted a club scene that included it. We have that painting on the wall of our home in Canada.

One of the wonderful things about the club is the early morning view of Mount Kenya – shown here. Of course there are other views of the mountain, this one taken from what is now the Sweetwaters Conservancy – a cattle ranch when I practiced here in the 1970s, now an important wildlife reserve, and particularly a rhino sanctuary, and this one of Nelion, taken at dawn from the Lewis Glacier.

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