Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Game Drive, a Boat trip and some foreplay

A game drive and a boat trip today. On the boat trip in Queen Elizabeth NP the usual relaxing ride amid schools of snorting hippo and hundreds of birds.

The main thing was watching a bout of foreplay that I just photographed between a bishop and one of his girlfriends. Of course you must understand that this bishop was a Southern Red Bishop, which is a sparrow-sized, brightly-coloured bird that has a spectacular way of erecting (correct term) the vibrant orange-red feathers on his crown when displaying.

Off to Kampala tomorrow and thence Nairobi. Internet will be scant for a few days.


Melvin said...

Oh my, that's just a very beautiful picture :) esp. the last one! Very romantic!^^ I see that you are a wildlife veterinarian, you must have a lot of exciting and fun experience visiting many countries. Have you ever been to Indonesia? Anyway, nice to know you.. If you have time, take a visit to my Download Games website :)

Jerry Haigh said...

Thanks for your comment. Bird photography is one of my main passions when I am in Africa. As for Indonesia, yes, I was there a year ago, but only visited Bali, which was fascinating.