Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elephant attack on hippos


During our recent trip to Uganda one of the veterinary students, Leighton Coma, took this movie of an attack by a big bull elephant on a hippo pod in the Kasinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Watch carefully near the end of the clip as a small calf gets isolated to the elephants left. He turns and tries to spear it, but it escapes, to appear very briefly between the giant's legs before scooting off to join the group.


stamp said...

awesome video! really well-shot, too, great smooth panning and focus- that's hard to do handheld!

Jerry Haigh said...
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Jerry Haigh said...

You are right, Leighton did a great job, and we were in a boat. The original is quite a bit longer, but this clip captures the essence. I think the bull was just being bloody-minded, as these two species do not even compete for the same resource.