Thursday, December 4, 2008

Uganda trip and Gorilla babies

Preparations for our trip to Uganda in February next year are going ahead. The student group have finished their big veterinary licensing exams and can now concentrate on the trip. They have to prepare their talks, and also start the fund-raising for the support of the two schools that we have linked with over the last few years. One concern has been the terrible news coming out of the eastern DRC, and whether that conflict would spill over into Uganda. I have been in touch with the consulate in Kampala, and they assure me that things are quiet (I almost wrote All Quiet on the Western Front but that phrase has already been used by Erich Maria Remarque in his important book.)

Meanwhile this interesting and encouraging report about the birth of gorilla twins in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest appeared today on the Wildlife Disease News Digest
The picture on the blog is credited to Getty Images.

Lillian Nsubuga, a spokeswoman for the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) was plainly delighted with the news as you can see if you go to the blogShe obviously hopes that the news will further boost the tourism industry in Uganda, because gorillas are the poster children for that entire sector.


Anonymous said...

Jerry - I seem to remember reading somewhere that you're making a journey to Estevan (maybe not as exotic as East Africa, but it could still be exciting). I can't find the reference. Could you please tell me where and when you're reading? Leeann Minogue

Jerry Haigh said...

Hi there,
I will be at the Estevan Public Library on Tuesday 9th Dec at 2.00 pm. It is possible that the librarian will move the talk to a different venue as I understand that there may be more people coming from one of the local schools than had at first been anticipated. You could call the library to check on this. My reading cum talk is titled "Living Amongst Lions and Other Animals in an African National park"

Anonymous said...

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