Saturday, October 11, 2008

Death of Dr. Zahoor Kashmiri

Some sad news in from Kenya. Samuel Maina, who writes a periodic newsletter called Wildlife Direct News has reported about the untimely death of Dr. Zahoor Kashmiri, a wildlife vet in Kenya who was well-known and much called upon in many areas of East Africa. Dr. Kashmiri was killed by an elephant in Ethiopia when he was there working on them. Here are some pictures taken from the header of the page about him. He wrote, in his own blog
"I have faith in life and I think I have had more then my share of good life for which I am more than thankful to God. I have had a more than full life. I think I have reached my destiny and it is now for me to help others where I may still enjoy the fringe benefits I get. Of course a bonus comes by sometimes"
A fund in his name has been established to support wildlife vets.

The Wildlife Direct News, which focuses on Africa, Asia and South America can be found here and you can subscribe to the newsletter by simply filling in the appropriate box. There are numerous links to conservation issues in many countries and Samuel has collated a large number of blogs under one main page. One of the most recent comes from Zimbabwe and has some great pictures of two new litters of African wild dogs. The blogger is Rosemary Groom and she has written about the dogs on today’s date in her latest post. If you go her blog you will also find a personal perspective on the problems of day-to-day living in that troubled country.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw program on cnbc and learned about Dr. Kashmiri and his work. In our current world, it is a big loss and he will be missed. I am sure he has motivated lot of people in the field of his work. Not only that, he has definitely brought feelings of compassion for our fellow animals in our heart. Peace