Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Flying Eagles

There’s a neat story and video clip on the BBC web site this morning. It is titled Man 'shows bird how to fly' and will be particularly heartening to wildlife rehabilitators as it concerns the training of a 14 year-old American Bald eagle that has been in captivity all its life. A party of handlers took it all the way to the top of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain and then the falconer paraglided down while the bird flew for the first time in its life. Take a look here.

The bald eagle is a close cousin to the African Fish eagle. It is only the amount of white on the body that gives them a clear difference on the surface. Here are a couple of favourite fish eagle pictures. The first from Uganda, which was taken by one of our WCVM wildlife rotation alumna, Karen Kemp. The second is my own from Botswana.

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