Thursday, February 9, 2012

Of Moose and Men - Covers

Exciting development for me today as I just received the final version of the cover pages of my new books. Of course they appear here with the back cover (and me seeming to stroke a moose’s nose) on the left.

I’m going to quote the “blurbs” written by two well-known Canadians because the photo may not enlarge enough to be legible, but before I do that here are the chapter headings for the first few chapters.

1. A Breathtaking Start
2. What’s in a Name?
3. A Trip to Banff
4. Of Moose and Men
5. Petruska
6. Simplicity
7. Scales and Weights
8. Capture Problems
9. Moose at the Zoo
10.Moose Invader
11. Moose in a Front-end Loader
12. Where Men Walk With Moose

The last one on this list (there are more chapters, which I’ll deal with later) is a story about the folks at Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and work we did with Marlin Perkins and his film crew in the Saskatchewan River Delta. Professional photographer Peter Drowne, who was the dirctor of the show took this picture of us with Marlin. I have the DVD and even the old 16mm film of the show.

Here is one of the “blurbs,” this one written by Myrna Kostash, award winning author from Edmonton and co-founder and first president of the Canadian Non-Fiction Collective.

I have never been in the presence of a moose — I’m a city-dweller through and through — but now that I’ve read Jerry Haigh’s vividly observed veterinarian’s memoir of his own encounters, Of Moose and Men, I feel that I’ve been up close and personal to the whole species myself. Haigh is an energetic and entertaining storyteller who provides his reader that most delightful of sport: the armchair big game spotter.

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Congratulations. I am so pleased that all is going well. Diane