Saturday, July 25, 2009

Moose Jaw Festival of Words


You never know what will happen when the media get hold of you. In this case what happened was good. A reporter form the Moose Jaw Times Herald asked me one question after the second of my talks at the Festival of Words in Moose Jaw. All he wanted to know was my affiliation, so I told him it was the University of Saskatchewan. I didn’t tell him I had retired. He went on his way, and I thought no more about it until I got an email form Donna Lee Howes, the artistic director of the event.

It turned out that the reporter, Carter Haydu, had filed a story and picture about my presentation on the 20th of July, the day after the event. His fancy had obviously been caught by the folk tale about how hippos became aquatic animals. This link shows you what he wrote.

He did simplify the story somewhat, which is understandable given that I had used the KiSwahili name for the hippo, which is Kiboko, and the native name for the God who lived among the snow-capped peaks of the mountains, which is Ngai. My story centred around Uganda, so the mountains were the Ruwenzoris but of course if it has been in Kenya I could have chosen Mount Kenya or even Kilimanjaro

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