Friday, April 25, 2008

The Trouble With Lions in Uganda

On to the next phase. We have started to prepare for next year’s trip to Uganda. I have been taking students there for several years now as a part of the 4th year curriculum at the University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Our principal objective is to study the human x livestock x wildlife interface.

There are two archival blogs written by students that give a bit of the flavour of the work, as well as the good times & impressions that everyone garners. If you entered this blog through my web page you will find both of those entertainingn> accounts very easily under the blogs button. If you found me some other way you can go to the web page which is at and not only find the student’s impressions, but also see footage of rhino capture taken with a Super8 camera almost 40 years ago, or see a revolving series of pictures of battle of the giants where two bull hippo create mini tidal waves. You can also hear the first part of a radio interview that aired on the morning of the launch of The Trouble With Lions: A Glasgow Vet in Africa.

The ten students who will join Jo and me have already chosen their jobs and Leanne has been preparing minutes and agendas. The dates have been selected, with the crew leaving on Jan 31st from Saskatoon, arriving at Entebbe late at night on the 1st Feb. They are due leave Uganda on the 27th Feb, and several of them plan to stop over in Amsterdam on the way home.

I have sent each student a list of the things that will be needed as their “essentials” bits and pieces for travel to tropical Africa for a month.

Meanwhile The Trouble With Lions is available on line, and through several bookstores. Together with Cathie Crooks of the University of Alberta Press we are planning some readings in Manitoba as well Minnesota and South Dakota. No reviews yet, but kind words form those who picked up copies at the launch.

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