Monday, April 7, 2008

Bird photos from Africa

I finally figured out how to post pictures, so here are four new ones from our recent trip to Uganda and Kenya.
First, two pictures of a Klaas’a cuckoo (Chrysococcyx klaas) photographed near the Tembo (means elephant) canteen in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. These are a fairly common bird across the region, but they are normally very shy and secretive. If they see you they usually dive deep into the foliage of the densest bush around, and one can barely get a glimpse. The green and white are striking, but what I had not previously seen was the gorgeous bronzy look of the feathers of the back, As they caught the evening sun the glossy bits changed with the bird’s movements.

Next, a slice of luck. As we rounded a corner on Marania Farm in Timau we saw this augur buzzard (Buteo augur) sitting on a fence post making a thorough meal of a rat. He (or she?) was quite unconcerned with us, and sat there devouring the catch for a good ten minutes.

Then a golden-winged sunbird (Nectarinia reichenowi) male on an aloe flower. I had sat among the aloes for over an hour, hoping for a good opportunity, and nothing was happening. Then all of a sudden this little fellow decided I was not a danger and spent several minutes checking out all the sources of nectar within about eight metres of me. The 400 mm lens did the rest.

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