Sunday, April 6, 2008

Book launch and 09 Uganda students

Only five days to go until the book launch at WCVM. Exciting!

I also have a mini-launch in Edmonton on the 9th, when I will attend a gathering at the University of Alberta’s faculty club. The event is called Literary Cocktails, and each author will get about 10 minutes to tell a few stories and so on. Cathie Crooks, the publicity & marketing director has asked me to tell the folks a bit about how I became a writer and how I wrote these particular stories. Then comes the big launch at the vet college. For this event I have pulled together some photos and film footage of African events, mostly to do with wildlife, from several countries. Each story is told in the book. For instance in the preface, when I talk of the symbolic importance of lions in so many cultures on earth I mention the very strange chimeric figure set into the gate posts of the children’s garden in Ulaanbaatar. I have attached it here. I have tried to find out its history from two or three different Mongolian acquaintances, but so far, no luck.

Have already met up with the student crew for next year’s trip to Uganda. Once again, a diverse group of folks, and this time an unusually high proportion of males –four of them. In previous years we have had anything from none to two. They have already decided upon the jobs that they will do during the preparation period over the next ten months, as well as the ones in Uganda. It will be busy times for them, and I’ll keep you posted as things unfold.

Time to make an early morning cuppa, so closing out for now.

Will be in touch.

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