Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring in Saskatchewan

This has been a weird spring. We came back from Africa in late March and assumed that the worst of winter would be over. Dream on.

It has been cold and windy, with temperartures well below the seasonal average. Despite that we did get a harbinger with lots of crocuses out, but then this morning we woke to some less than normal sights.
This morning we woke to some unusual sights.

Tulips and snow, and then the humming bird feeder that we hoped to see in use.


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Jodi Lee Kozan said...

HI Jerry, I like this post and you write on the sightings in your own yard! Great to be your neighbour. SPRING is here! (no more snow in May or June for that matter!) we will will it to be so.... smile Tulips and crocuses in snow is a crazy sight. But- tis the life of Sasktchewanians heh?