Monday, February 2, 2009

Students in Uganda and Solar Techoloogy


The students crew for the 2009 Uganda Wildlife Rotation of the 4th year class from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine arive at Entebbe Aiport safe and sound last night and within the hour had reached the dormitory where they will spend the next 3 nights. After a 36 hour journey they did not stay awake for long.

This morning we headed out for money exchange at a local Forex Buraeu and then headed for the offices of Ultratec where Abhay Shah showed the students what he had designed for the Kasneyi Primary School in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The basis is a solar system that will support 3 hours of playing time for DVDs of Vidoetapes, and four low-energy light bulbs. We also had to be pragmatic, and realize, as Abhay stated, that this would also become the local spot for cell phone charging. Unless you have seen it, you will not believe the extent of usage of cell phones in this part of the world.

If we can arrange it we hope to have an offical hand-over and will make sure to have some photos, including one or two that we took today, but cannot post.

We plan to be in Kasenyi when the installation takes place and will certainly take pictures, but of course with the snail pace Internet we will not be able to post them. The most fascinating news concerend the technician who will do the installation. His name is Robert, and he was orphaned at an early age, subsequently supported in a program like the one we are engaged in, and managed to get to technical school and end up installing units all over the country like the one we have purcashed.

His wheel has come full circle.

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