Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elephants and ivory. A terrible story

This is a short one. We have just returned from a holiday in sunny Panama. This post was run in several places, the latest being National Geogrpaphic. Here it is again. A desparate situation that needs no further comment from me.


Elliott Garber said...

Thanks for linking to this article -- I hadn't seen it yet. What a horrible situation we're in, that most people probably wouldn't have predicted 10 years ago. Hope you enjoyed Panama!

Diane said...

All the time people will pay for ivory and horns there will be poachers. I have always thought that poachers should be shot on sight, but the people buying the goods are really the main problem. Diane

Jerry Haigh said...

Thanks to you both. The poachers get a mere pittance of the final value. Sometimes they are living hand-to-mouth. As I quoted before,inmy blog of Oct 2nd last year ( if you convince 99.9% of Chinese to stop using ivory you still have 1.3 million people who will not take any notice. That is more people than there are elephants left in Africa!