Friday, March 9, 2012

Wanuskewin beadwork exhibit

Andrew McDonald, the marketing and Sales Manager at the park  has kindly sent me some pictures from that display and I am sharing them with you. There were five hides in all. This one appears to show the early phases of the battle

The scenes are from the Battle of Little Big Horn, and in the first one it looks as if the US cavalry are very much in control as their charge is in line abreast. This has always been the "correct" method of charge for cavalry. It is deadly.

The bead-work is not clear in this long view, and I now realize why I mistook the images for a fairly crude piece of art work.


 Andrew’s next two photos, taken at much closer range, show how badly mistaken I was. Take a look and you will see what I mean.   As I mentioned, there are five beautifully decorated hides in the series. The rest of the works in the exhinit are well worth a look-see as well, so get yourself out to Wanuskewin when you get the chance.

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Diane said...

Excellent work. I love bead work and have plenty of African things but this is so different. Diane