Friday, November 28, 2008

Wildlife Trafficking - Bangkok

Amidst all the carnage and horror of Mumbai it hardly seems worth running a blog piece about wildlife, but this item, which I cut from the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times of November 8th, shows an ugly side to the entire gamut of wildlife issues round the globe.
As you can easily see I had to get out the scissors and do some chopping in order to get the whole thing on to the scanner. It is one more example of how humans use and abuse wildlife. In this case the market is in Thailand's Bangkok, which is of course under a barrage of political strife right now, so this matter will receive scant attention from authorities dealing with more immediate issues.

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Dr.Susan Sharma said...

Sitting glued to the TV watching the Mumbai carnage, one thought repeatedly came to me. A Jungle teeming with wildlife is a much more civilized place-an animal kills another just to satisfy its hunger and occasionally that of its cubs. There are no murders in cold blood happening there.