Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kampala notes

All the students arrived safely, but exhausted, last night. The plan had been to head out to local farms this morning at 9.00 am and see how smallholding agriculture is done here, but the weather forced a change. Last night it rained heavily for several hours, and we had no chance of going with the bus. Dr. Ben Kanyima, who has taken our students out on these farm trips each year, was able to make a back-up plan when he got word that a cow needed inseminating. About 11.30 our crew headed off on their first daylight trip though the city. Because the side roads are impassable due to thick coats of red mud they will have to walk about one km from the roadside to the farm. For their sakes let us hope it does not start to rain again.

Tonight we meet our counterparts and particularly some of the students who will travel with us for the next 3 weeks. This is the annual icebreaker, and takes the form of a buffet meal at the College Inn, not far from the university.

Tomorrow we head off to Kibale National Park for some field work.

There is no Internet access at Kibale, so we'll see you in a few days.


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