Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Trouble with Lions coming this April!

The Trouble with Lions: A Glasgow Vet in Africa (UAP, April 2008)

From the cover:
“The trouble with lions is that while you are conducting a pregnancy test, you need to be equally, if not more, aware of what you can learn from the lion’s other end.”—Jerry Haigh

Such is the kind of dry, canny wisdom that Jerry Haigh brings home with his fascinating collection of stories about working with wild animals in Africa. Conversational in tone, conservational in theme—you will be right beside Jerry, wife Jo, and a colourful cast of vets, guides, and wardens as they scour Africa’s sprawling vistas “troubleshooting” lions, rhinos, humans, and other indigenous mammals. Veterinarians, conservationists, and fans of real-life adventure tales will want to keep this memoir handy on the dashboards of their Land Cruisers.

“Dr. Haigh has written a book that tells the interconnected stories of people, agriculture, and wildlife conservation, about species as diverse as rhinos, chimpanzees, domestic cattle, and Ugandan kob. In writing The Trouble With Lions, as in choosing a career as a veterinarian and teacher, Dr. Haigh made a decision to make a difference. His book will make you want to do the same.”—Jane Goodall, from the Foreword

A Glasgow-schooled veterinarian, Jerry Haigh developed much of his wildlife expertise and storytelling acumen over years of working and living in Africa with his wife Jo. He currently works at the University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon.

Praise for Jerry Haigh’s first Africa memoir, Wrestling with Rhinos:
“…a lively and detailed glimpse into the life and thoughts of a dedicated and down-to-earth young veterinarian as he experienced Kenyan life.”—Elizabeth Abbott, The Globe and Mail

“…a free-flowing colourful series of yarns from a veterinary enthusiast. A great read.”— The New Zealand Veterinary Journal

“Wrestling with Rhinos reads like a James Herriott on safari, filled with amusing anecdotes, as well as more serious life-threatening situations.”— The Scottish Field

The University of Alberta Press
Wayfarer, a literary travel series
Book design by Lara Minja
Printed in Canada
$34.95 in Canada

ISBN-13: 978-0-88864-503-6

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